Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cherry Blossom Rides and Hanami Party

Spring is here and April in Japan is Sakura season (cherry blossoms) and of course Hanami parties (drinking in parks).

Japanese take to the parks for picnics and lots of drinking underneath the beautiful cherry blossoms. This year due to the new bike and the new team of Tokyo cyclists we did a cherry blossom ride and it was amazing!!

Today you couldn't ask for better weather and better views of Sakura.

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Hanami Party getting started....Akiko laughing up a storm.

Not sure what these guys are doing...

Sakura lined pathways...20 cyclist line up for a photo op.

Half fast cycle girls wait while the boys use the little boys room...must have been all the beer.

Me and Naoko - bike sisters with 'Specialized' road bikes.

Half-fast cyclists posing in front of cherry trees, we come from across the globe:
USA, Britian, France, Canada, Israel, Japan and Korea - we usually have more representation from other United nations.

Naoko and Kelly shop for treats before the Hanami party.

Family picnic spots under the trees.

Half-fast cyclists - David, Suzanne, Kelly, Akiko, Denise, Don, Mike (right to left)

Cooking yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers) - oh so good!

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